Residential Color and Style from a Certified True Color Expert.

About Me

Color Calling

I am Ellen Rhett, owner of Color Calling, a color consulting firm in Mountain Brook, Alabama.

  I am Alabama’s only Maria Killam Certified True Color Expert.

I am also a Residential Stylist. I am specifically trained in color flow, in the undertones of complex neutrals, and in creating focal points in your home.

After receiving an MBA from the Manderson Graduate School of Business at the University of Alabama, I became a stockbroker in Houston, Texas. After I said goodbye to ” The Dow,” I returned to my Alabama roots with my husband, and we have been raising our  children in the little Birmingham suburb of Mountain Brook ever since.

I have discovered that what I really love doing the most is anything to do with making a home your favorite place to be, and was drawn into starting my business, which is Color Calling.

Please follow me on my quest as I explore the many facets of residential color and style on this blog, with a smile and a dose of humor!

For color consulting for your home or office, as well as residential styling rates, I can be contacted here :

“The right white, the right color, the right neutral for any room.”

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If you are a decision-maker affiliated with Habitat for Humanity in Birmingham or Tuscaloosa please feel free to contact me at the above email address if your homeowner would like my help selecting paint colors for a Habitat Home. Please put “Habitat Request” in the subject line. I am honored to donate a portion of my time to this worthy cause.

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  1. Marla marion Christensen

    Hello. I am a busy mother of 6 children most of them busy teenagers. I have my ASID associates. I live in a gorgeous 8,000 sq ft home. It’s country French and belongs in the south but we are all in Idaho. I am from Southern California but have strong southern roots in Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia and North Carolina. I do speak French and lived in Quebec for a while. Sooo. I have four separate rooms I need help finalizing. I love paneling. I loved studying color while in college. I just need a good sounding board friend. I don’t feel like I have that in my small town here, although I’ve invited many friends over for their opinion. I’m done spinning the ideas and need a good listener. Are you coming near Idaho anytime soon?

    August 6, 2014 at 10:34 am

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