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Marble Etching mystery Revealed!

Have you read, a million times, that marble will etch?

What exactly does that mean?

Having lived with a marble counter on my wet bar, I knew that there were some marks

that just would not come off.  After eight years, there were a lot of those marks.

Mostly “rings” from a glass of juice or a perhaps a bottle of red wine.

A lemon slice placed on the counter. Or a splash of tomato juice.

I get it now.

That is etching.

Do you have marble counters?


badly etched marble

badly etched marble

Does that look familiar? The above is not my etched counter. Mine was actually worse.

No amount of elbow grease is going to remove etching.

Etching is different from staining.

Marble that has been sealed is resistant to staining.

But, not etching. From my research, I will tell you that sealing marble can not prevent etching.

A chemical reaction has occurred to the marble and it can’t be changed.

A professional marble restoration company needs to be called in.

Look at my newly restored marble bar counter.

It was ground, re-honed and sealed. What a difference!


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