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Monday Rant

Monday Rant: The most overused word in blogdom


I am going to scream if I see or hear that word one more time.

I have already seen it written at least eight times today.

Twice in magazines and six times on other blogs.

There is now even a “Curated Insurance Blog.”

And, above, there must be two hundred random Pinterest images marked “Curated

Enough, people.

Why do people like that word so much?

I think it sounds pretentious at worst, and misused at best, do you agree?

I think it primarily should be used in relation to museums or exhibitions.

Not to be used for just any ol’ thing someone happens to pick out.

What about saying,

“carefully selected.”

“Lovingly chosen”

“Picked out with a sense of style”

“Unerringly grouped”

Let’s give “curated” a rest.

Have you seen that word as much as I have?