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Happy New Year and a New York Ball (but not the one in Times Square!)

To all my readers, I wish you a very happy New Year!

I am just back from New York. What a fabulous trip!

My family was invited to attend the International Débutante Ball, held at the venerable Waldorf-Astoria Hotel.

Want to take a peek?

The grand ballroom, shot the afternoon of the ball:

A close-up of the very tall and beautiful flower arrangements:
A shot of the dance floor,  and then the stage. You can see some of the chairs aren’t placed yet.
The gold leaf ceiling:
ceilingreceiving room
Prior to the Ball itself, here is where the receiving line was held, above.

Each deb stands in front of her state or country flag during the receiving line. wsjreporter

Guests starting to arrive in the main ballroom:
Dinner is served before the presentation of the débutantes:
The young men who serve as military escorts presenting the colors:
A flag bearer carrying the flag of the girl’s state or country follows behind the deb and her escort.

A crowd favorite was the lovely Scottish deb who had a piper (bagpipe player) follow her and her escort to the stage.

The American debs have a famous song about their state playing as they walk to the stage.

It is dramatic and beautiful pageantry to watch and hear.

The Texas debs also received thunderous applause, partly due to the extremely difficult “Texas Dip” (a form of the English Court low-bow), which they are expected to perform instead of the normal curtsy.  It is breathtaking to watch these girls maneuver their Texas Dip!

Then, after the presentation, the fun begins. 


What a night to remember, a real-life fairy tale!

(all photographs by Color Calling)