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Monday Rant: Residential banquettes

I don’t understand the love affair with residential banquettes. Have you ever been stuck in the middle of one and needed to get up?Banquette

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At a nice restaurant, where there is waitstaff to gently pull the table in and out for your comings and goings, wonderful!

In a home, not so much. Even if it is used only for casual family dining, don’t the children have to crawl over each other to get in and out of their place? And, when the built-in back swoop of nailheads or padding and tufting go up sky-high, much higher than the back of the chairs on the other side,  it is a look that I just don’t get.

Is it the trendiness of the thing or the dysfunctionality of it, that bothers me? Or, is it because the whole look is more of a commercial look than a traditional table and chair setting? What do you think, do you have an opinion on the home banquette trend?

2 responses

  1. Hi Ellen — I don’t live with a banquette, so I could be proven wrong — but I do think they are great in certain situations. (OK — not with padding and foofery that gets in the way) — but when space is limited and you want to maximize seating, or you need to be able to tuck the eating area out of the way a bit, it can be a practical alternative, albeit one that requires some give and take when the luck people inside need to make a break for it! I’m a lounger, so I love the idea of sitting in the corner and hogging the entire banquette by stretching my legs out!

    I also think that people sometimes bog banquettes down with cushions that look great but get in the way when people need to get in or out.That’s a pain for sure! So — for the sake of having a banquette because it’s trendy — I agree — not ideal. But in the right spot, a great option regardless of whether it’s trendy or not.

    February 20, 2012 at 3:15 pm

  2. I live with a banquette, and have specified them in many of my interior designs. You have legitimate concerns, but, overall for a small kitchen, with limited spaces for seating – it is the perfect solution for a busy family. May I suggest for young families, to not upholster the banquette in cushy-comfy fabrics, but a slideable, wipeable leather, or vinyl. Banquettes maximize storage (drawers underneath) perfect place for crayons, playing cards, extra wipes, kleenex, whatever, while the coziness of it for sunday coffee while reading my favorite magazine is the ultimate in heaven for me. Banquettes – well worth the investment!

    May 28, 2013 at 1:01 am

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