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Does your kitchen have clean lines?


Do you have enough outlets, where you need them and are actually using them? There are too many cords floating around in this kitchen, above. Consider an appliance garage or have your electrician install plug strips under your upper cabinetry. Plug strips are a great decorator’s secret to keep your backsplash area free of unsightly outlets.


Lighting is important. Make sure your lighting is enhancing your kitchen. Below, someone got carried away with a cute light fixture and decided that if two are good, four will be twice as good. The result is a clutter of visual competition. The wrought iron breakfast room fixture really looks out of place as well. Notice how the metals don’t work well together, and how the height of hanging distracts your eye? However, kudos for the upper cabinet connecting with the ceiling! Visually much more pleasing than dead air between.

I don’t understand the purpose of having dead space between the upper cabinetry and the ceiling. It creates a much cleaner line to join the two visually. This happens in the nicest of homes, so be sure to discuss this with your cabinet maker as well as your architect so that there is no mistake. Can you visualize how much better the above kitchen would look with the left and right “X” cabinetry extending in a clean line to the ceiling?

It is the small details that can really make your kitchen visually pleasing. Clear your kitchen of distracting cords dangling at eye level, and of too many light fixtures hanging down from the ceiling above. Join your cabinetry to the ceiling if possible.

Make sure your design professional understands the importance of clean lines.

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