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Graduation gifts they’ll love

Graduation time! Show your friends that you care about their children with the perfect “congratulations” present when they graduate from high school. Here are some tried and true ideas in a variety of price ranges. Check my Pinterest page for more information

Soft monogrammed towels are always appreciated. Don’t monogram the washcloths, though. Choose a color they love, not their school color. (It is not cool to go overboard on school colors/school mascots, in case you didn’t know.)


Did you consider giving just the pillowcases? Have a pair done up with an extra-fancy monogram in their dorm room colors:

Have a fuzzy throw monogrammed at an angle in the corner

A hinged clothing bar for the car is useful and budget-friendly:


What about a rolling laundry hamper, with a huge laser-cut monogram on the side?

These ideas are all tried and true, and will be appreciated by your favorite graduate!

Now, what do YOU think? I'd love to hear from you!

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