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Style Watch: Gorgeous Freestanding Bathtubs

Incredibly heavy entry doors lead to a serene and light-filled bath:

More contemporary, definitely masculine,  and just as gorgeous:

Some things to consider:

A freestanding tub is supposed to be the focal point of the bath. Don’t hide it around a corner or behind part of the vanity area.

A freestanding tub normally has a twist-drain closure. Make sure you can reach comfortably down to close the drain.

Some freestanding tubs have such high sides that they are a challenge to enter for the less-flexible. Make sure you can comfortably step inside and back out. Some models have a lower center to make this easier to negotiate.

If you will be bathing infants or very small children/grandchildren in the tub, a freestanding tub with high sides is not for you.

Very specialized plumbing fixtures and more intricate installation are required. The price points on all are generally considerably higher than regular tubs.

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