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Summer Entertaining with a complementary color scheme

Source: via Ellen

I use my love of color and color combinations when I entertain. Blue/

Orange are complementary (opposite) colors on an artist’s color wheel.

Here is a sampling of a classic casual look which captures those late-

summer colors. Below, a simple but delicious lobster dinner was

served for a family birthday.

Notice the play of the colors in the “Nantucket Red” placemats and

the bright saffron embroidered-lobster napkins, with the complement

of the blue accessories and the blue and cream stripes on the chairs.

ImageImage ©Color Calling

Image ©Color Calling

When using the color scheme of blue and orange in decorating, these

complementary colors actually intensify one another visually.

I find true blue/true orange combinations too jolting or too juvenile for

home decór, when you live with them on a daily basis. (The muted versions

of the two colors can be very pleasing, however.)

Most complementary color combos work well in a table setting, though,

because table decór is all about stimulating the senses.

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