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Pt.2 The eye craves balance

The previous post was about symmetry, mirror image symmetry. Let’s look at  “asymmetrical balance” today.

Asymmetrical balance is not the same as mirror image symmetry. Asymmetrical balance, another decorating technique, relies on similar visual weight.  

In design, it is also very pleasing to the eye to have a focal point flanked with two sides of equal weight, but not necessarily identical (mirror image) sides.

See how — though not identical — both sides of the room have approximately equivalent visual weight?

This is a combination of mirror image symmetry plus asymmetrical balance. Can you find the elements of each?

Asymmetrical Balance: note the central focal point  (which is the fireplace) serves to anchor the other elements on left and right.

For people who love to color outside the lines, asymmetrical balance can give them a bit looser structure, and still be very visually pleasing.

Which do you prefer, mirror image symmetry; asymmetrical balance; or a combination of each?

Now, what do YOU think? I'd love to hear from you!

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