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Should your baby’s nursery be neutral?

I am seeing a new trend:  baby nurseries which are not only gender-neutral, but neutral in coloration as well.

Color is used in a nursery for a very good reason, and it bears reminding new parents:

a) babies can’t see very well, and

b) color is a wonderful intellectual stimulant for babies (just like it can be for adults).

I have seen some very neutral-in-color nurseries, like the one above,  that are gorgeous.

But, remember, all those famous contemplative poets and brooding artists don’t retreat to

rainy gray Seattle for nothing:

in color theory, neutral coloration promotes contemplation more than stimulation.

Bring some upbeat color into the space if you decide to decorate with  pale neutrals.

Use bright colorful accessories, crib mobiles, and toys to attract and hold your baby’s interest.

Now, what do YOU think? I'd love to hear from you!

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