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Dismantled Mantel

Image ©Color Calling

My quarter-sawn oak mantel, above,  has been dismantled.  See the raw wood exposed, above?

I have been thinking about how to improve my mantel. A recent shopping trip gave me an idea. 

To accommodate these:

Image ©Color Calling

19th century handcarved pine brackets.

They are resting upside down in case you are wondering.

Those thistles got me. The national symbol of Scotland.

Source: via Ellen on Pinterest

Image ©Color Calling

From a local estate, and found at one of our lovely local antique shops.

Soon they will be vertically (and right-side up) attached to my mantel surround,

incorporated as pilasters.

Sort of an antique, longer version of this. One of my mentors  recently posted this, below, on her

Pinterest page, and I knew that it was speaking to me.

See how the carved brackets  rest and jut right up to the underside of the mantel?

Source: via Maria on Pinterest

I’ll repost when the project is complete.

I really enjoy the serendipity of finding something wonderful and completely unexpected.


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