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The December Birthday Rule you should never break

Make sure the birthday is treated like a birthday!

That means giving the themes and colors of Christmas

a rest for the day. At least for the wrapping paper, cake,

and gift.

So, no angels, gingerbread men, pinecones, or snowmen.

And no red and green, either.



I have always felt for my friends and family with December birthdays.

There is always so much going on that they can feel lost in the shuffle.

But, treating the birthday like a birthday instead of just another part of the holidays,

seems to please them tremendously!

December-born Readers, do you agree with my December birthday rule?

One response

  1. Roxy

    Thanks for bringing this issue to the forefront. : ) My husband’s birthday is Dec. 7th. I try and make him feel special and never decorate for Christmas until after his birthday! I have a January birthday and my fellows Januarians also get somewhat thrown into the Christmas chaos. We either get leftovers that were on major sale that no one wanted, or someone says, “Here is your Christmas AND birthday present! (one gift),” or we are forgotten altogether because everyone is either too tired from the holidays, they have not gotten a new calendar for the new year or have not turned the page to January!!! For a while, we had a January Girls Birthday Club and we all celebrated together. This fun event was hosted by Katharine P., Janie W, and Pam P. Very special! All that said and with a wink, we are all blessed to see a new day and year and gifts don’t really matter….it is the thought that counts! However, it is so lovely when someone makes you feel extra loved one day each year. When friends or family remember and acknowledge you, the recipient does feel like a Queen or King for the Day! Loved ones, whether related or not, are the real gifts you truly treaure and cherish at the end of day! The nicities of life are the cherry on top!

    December 15, 2012 at 1:34 pm

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