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Oprah Winfrey just said no to the Look-but-don’t-touch-Look

As smart a lady as Oprah Winfrey is, she made one of the classic mistakes in her own home.

She forgot to listen to the inner voice which says, “I want it to be pretty, but I also want to be comfortable here.”

She forgot that making your home a beautiful place to come home to, doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice comfort.

She forgot that she is allowed to say ‘no’ when her decorator/architect/stylist suggests something that she doesn’t think is true to herself and the way she lives.

You can have it both: Beauty and comfort.

So she is redoing her entire Santa Barbara (Montecito) home.

Rose Tarlow got the commission for the work, and I will be waiting to see the new look!

Color Calling
When I come to your home for a residential color-design consultation, we will talk about MUCH more than color.

We will talk about and establish your goals for a look and feel for your home.

And, that look and feel will reflect YOU.

And that is what is wrong with Oprah’s home.

It may be beautiful, but she readily admits that she can’t be herself in her own home.

It isn’t livable.

Her designer says, ” “One of the redo’s key goals is a living room that can actually be lived in.”

Oprah’s hilarious take: ‘It’s not easy to do an entire library that says, Do not touch the books. But somehow I managed.’

Here is Oprah’s Look but don’t touch Library:

Source: via Ellen on Pinterest

Does your home beautifully and comfortably reflect YOU and the way YOU actually live?

One response

  1. Saw the article too and was amazed. Sad to realize she has worked so hard her entire life, done so much for others and is only now having her own a-ha moment. Imagine the things she’ll do with her interiors leveraging every good thing with her. XO T

    February 17, 2013 at 9:31 am

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