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Perfect for Place

For those  blessed with a second home at the shore

(or even a nice outbuilding such as a pool house)

you know what fun it is to mix it up a little bit.

And, anyway, it’s always fun to dream!

Source: via Ellen on Pinterest

By that, I mean, you do something perhaps a little kooky, a little off-beat,

a little more colorful than you might select for your main house.

Because, in the main house, kooky can turn weird,  off-beat can hit a sour note,

and vibrant color can grow cold on you, if you are seeing it day in and day out, all the time.

I first think of the gorgeous homes in Palm Beach.

Many of the seasonal residents live part of the year in much colder climes,

so they embrace the tropical lifestyle, for part of the year, in all its colored splendor.

And it works, beautifully:



They wouldn’t dream of having the same sort of decor in their Park Avenue Apartment, though.

Lovely though it is, it  Just Wouldn’t Work.

What a treat it would be to open the front door of this little PB number

after a flight in from, say, snowy Boston:

Source: via Noir on Pinterest

Do you see what I mean by mixing it up a bit?

These are not rooms that you would have in a Buckhead home or anywhere else,

really, besides where they are.

There is a PLACE element that makes them totally wonderful for the location.

Perfect for Place.
This is a time that selected elements of whimsy can hit a home run rather than fall flat.

It means looking for unique elements that reflect both your taste and the PLACE.
A FEW totally charming ‘location’ pieces. With A Sense of PLACE:

An off-beat driftwood hanging light, perfect for this Beaufort-area beach home.

It says beach without screaming it.


Driftwood mirrors in a fun shape, Moravian star pendant. Perfect.

Source: via Ellen on Pinterest

Ship lap on the walls adds the sense of place here:

Source: via Ellen on Pinterest

Check out the green ceiling. And that quirky tobacco basket on the wall. Fabulous coastal casual.

Well, why not? This Australian beach cottage, below,  has a simply framed trio of swimsuits,

which clearly held sway for many a year on a beloved grandmother.

Eclectic Dining Room design by Brisbane Media And Blogs Beach Vintage

The fancier the house, the more it can take on a bit more:

via The Foo Dog Ate my Homework

via The Foo Dog Ate my Homework

via The Foo Dog Ate my Homework

via The Foo Dog Ate my Homework





Hope you’ve enjoyed the little getaway! Do you have a favorite?

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