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Is Your New Home On-Trend or is it just plain Trendy?

"On-trend" living room image via Pinterest

This post is for young couples just starting out, to help them avoid a few pitfalls when trying to bring style into their home.

The living room above looks like someone with nice taste put some thought into the room and that they actually live there. They know how to hang  the chandelier properly so that it relates to the coffee table, and it looks like there is enough task lighting to read a book or a magazine. The table is on-trend and fits right in with the the ‘Young House’ look of this living room. The chevron rug is cute and works well. THE COLOR gray is used, but not cloyingly so. It is a fresh, not too pricey, easy on the eyes look for a young couple starting out.

While this blog is all about being uplifting and helpful, I really have to show a “don’t” to make my point. I doubt that the nice-looking-room’s owner, above, spent a penny more than the trendy room’s owner, below. That is my point. Good style and an updated look are not going to cost any more than a ridiculously trendy look. And, the really trendy look will look even more ridiculous in a year or two when those trends have played out.

So trendy

                                                “Trendy” Living Room via Pinterest


The Color Calling way: If you are looking to update and accessorize, find a few real things that you actually love, and incorporate those into your already  tasteful room.

Now, what do YOU think? I'd love to hear from you!

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