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Glimpses of a Spectacular Private Garden

Just returned yesterday from a tour of a spectacular private garden on Lake Martin, Alabama. Images are large, please allow a few moments for them to load. Enjoy!

bright yellow lilies frame a water view Image ©Color Calling

Garden Room at Entrance

Garden Room at the Entrance with large urn focal point Image © Color Calling

Hydrangea above and below Images ©Color Calling

Hydrangea blossom

Purple Clematis Image ©Color Calling


Cherub playing his flute, as a charming fountain Image ©Color Calling

Another garden room with a very different fountain Image ©Color Calling

Waterfall in the Garden Image ©Color Calling

This cave is accessible to the left of the waterfall. Image ©Color Calling

This view is behind the waterfall, from inside the cave! Image ©Color Calling

The large garden, spread over several acres, includes at least two dozen garden rooms, as well as numerous places to sit and enjoy the spectacular vistas over the lake. Here is my favorite part. Can you believe that this garden has a wine cellar?

Beautiful high lake view near wine cellar entrance Image ©Color Calling

The wine cellar is entered from the outside, just to the right of the above photograph. A large arched  oak door marks the entrance (I could not get a photograph of the door due to our tour-goers’ entering and exiting). The cellar’s interior drew special awe from our visiting group of gardeners:

Expansive Wine Cellar Image ©Color Calling

White wines are usually stored near the bottom where it is coolest Image ©Color Calling

Entering the tasting room Image ©Color Calling

Statuary in the tasting room, depicting both saint and sinner Images ©Color Calling

Murals were painted by art students from nearby Auburn University Image ©Color Calling

Returning to the garden, more garden rooms and interesting focal points.

Statuary bust resting in a fern glade Image ©Color Calling

restful arbor Image ©Color Calling

Cool and Verdant Fern Glade Image ©Color Calling

Ceramics are thoughtfully placed throughout the garden Image ©Color Calling

Handrails over steps lead swimmers down into the water Image ©Color Calling

Focal urn at water’s edge Image ©Color Calling


I hope you have enjoyed the tour of this wonderful garden!

2 responses

  1. Diane

    Totally beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

    May 12, 2012 at 2:13 pm

  2. Stunning!

    May 13, 2012 at 2:12 pm

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