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Choosing the perfect ceiling color

Benjamin Moore Vanilla Ice Cream Image ©Color Calling

This can be a wonderful look: paint your ceilings the same color as your trim. Here is the formula. Use semi-gloss oil-based paint on the trim. Oil-based semi-gloss is also what I like to specify for painted kitchen cabinetry. Then, use flat latex in the same color for the ceiling. Here, I specified Benjamin Moore Vanilla Ice Cream. This creamy white is a perfect match for the subtle stripe in the wallpaper. And, how did I find this perfect match?  With my large samples, of course!

One more tip: make sure that your painter paints the air conditioning vents and speaker covers. Yes, you can safely paint your vents and ceiling speakers (by hand with a brush, please and thank you). Don’t be afraid to venture out from the dreaded “Ceiling White.” A good color consultant can help you find your perfect color match!

2 responses

  1. When a ceiling is painted the same color as the walls why does it look different?

    Example, BM- rockport gray on the ceiling looks like a white with gray. WHY?????? XO T

    May 16, 2012 at 1:25 pm

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