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Gorgeous Find

As a residential stylist and color designer, not only do I try to stay on top of what is going on in the world of interior design,

I also have the pleasure of seeking out beautiful finds in our lovely local shops.

I like to just look. Sometimes I find something, sometimes not.

Above, my latest obsession.

A PAIR of Etruscan-scene lidded vases.

Black (basalt?), cream, gold and ‘Hermès’ orange. A delicate aqua swath.

They are a whopping 28″ tall.

Museum quality, rare, circa 1860. Probably Staffordshire.

I know this because two museums have already looked.

$5400 for the pair. In a larger city, they would easily fetch twice that.

On 1st Dibs, an online antique resource, several similar single urns are/have been listed.

None as large, or as stunning in coloration.

These are all singles, no pairs.

$9000+ for this one, immediately below.

Source: via Ellen on Pinterest

Source: via Ellen on Pinterest

and this one, written up in Maine  Antiques Digest, went for $6400.

Source: via Ellen on Pinterest

A gorgeous statement for the right room.

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