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Decorating around Travertine

Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

Many homeowners choose travertine for master bathrooms if they want a “fairly” neutral

natural stone with some warmth of color.

Travertine is very tricky to decorate around, however.

Unless you understand undertones.

Most travertine has a pink undertone.

For wallpaper, I really like this great-looking Thibaut paper (trade-only).

This choice looks great with Travertine and the existing satin stainless  hardware,

with a somewhat modern vibe.

Image Color Calling

If painting, I would start with Benjamin Moore Shaker Beige, a warm neutral which has a

slight pink undertone.

A warm white with a whisper of pink could also work, such as Muslin, also a Benjamin Moore


Too much pink will just look dated, though.

Here is one of my samples of Shaker Beige, painted on poster board and held up to the


Avoid yellow-beige (the wrong undertone) on  walls or cabinetry.

Green is not the best choice either. See how the existing yellow-green wallpaper

(above to the right side, and also

below) fights the stone, and the Shaker Beige just looks

so much more harmonious?

Travertine is the largest fixed element in this master bath. So, we look for ways to bring

more color harmony into the space. Undertones must be considered for color harmony.

(As a side note, I am starting  to move away from natural stone in my consultations.

The maintenance factor is just horrendous. This travertine which is 7 years installed, has begun

to pit and even crack in places.

I am looking at Cambria Quartz, which is 90% natural, but much easier  to maintain, 

for my next bath project).


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