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Wild about animal prints

Animal prints glam up a room better than almost anything.


There are a couple of tricks, though.

First, is to use only in moderation.

ONCE is enough. This is an accent, not the main attraction.

Second, make sure you repeat the color of the animal print somewhere else in the room.

The key is not to overdose so that it kills the look. 

You can overdose some themes, and succeed. But, animal prints are not for overdosing.

The exception is when you use an animal print carpet. It will be the main attraction:

Source: via Maria on Pinterest

Source: Uploaded by user via Wilma on Pinterest

Source: via Emily on Pinterest

And please save leopard print walls for Snooki 😉

It takes a practiced hand to repeat the colors without overdosing the accent fabric.

Take a look at some gorgeous examples.

Source: via

Below, the gold and the black of  the leopard ottoman are repeated in the portrait.








Memphis/Palm Beach decorator William Eubanks takes it to the max, but he always follows the rule of one:


William Eubanks again:


And I will let you see for yourself what happens
when you break the “rule of one”:



Or the colors in the animal print are not

repeated properly or at all:

Is there a place for an accent animal print in your home?

It can be done very tastefully.

Just remember to use as an accent.

And repeat the colors in the animal print elsewhere in the room.


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  1. Great post, Ellen, and dare I say SPOT-on.

    January 29, 2013 at 1:45 pm

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