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Are you CHASING the color or CHOOSING the color?


YES, we’ve been there.

The contractor is breathing down our neck, he needs the colors picked out.

He needs them ALL,  two weeks from today!

As we’ve talked about before, paint color should be the last thing that is chosen.

It should be the thing that pulls everything else in the room together.

But, sometimes that is not possible.

What are some good neutrals to use?

Where should there be an actual color?

Source: via Ellen on Pinterest

How should it all tie together so the home has color flow?

This is when you really, really need to call in a certified color consultant.

We know how some of the prettiest neutrals can “go pink” on some walls.

We know which neutral colors turn “apartment beige” in  which rooms.

We know how to pick out/rule out the tile for your bath and the counter for your kitchen.

We are trained in color flow throughout the house.

We know where to insist on oil-based paint, and where not ever to use high-gloss.

Many consultants are happy to schedule a couple of hours, one-time.

Not saying all of the above can be accomplished in two hours, but you’d be amazed what can.

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