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The Pillow Dilemma

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It seems like everyone under the sun has an opinion on how many pillows you should have on your bed.

Mrs. Howard likes a lot of pillows. Here is the eight-pillow combo that she suggests:

“A king bed with three euros, 2 king pillows, 1 square decorative, 2 lumbar pillows,” shown here, below,

Source: via Ellen on Pinterest

Another pillowed-out Mrs. Howard bed, below:

Source: Uploaded by user via Tobi on Pinterest

Vicente Wolfe is more minimalistic in his coloration, but apparently he likes a lot of pillows:

Source: via Lindajane on Pinterest

Color king Miles Redd likes white pillows, with some flat and some propped pillows:

Source: via Ellen on Pinterest

Style maven Martha Stewart is not afraid to let her sleeping pillows show:

Source: via Raquel on Pinterest

Queen of graphic-look rooms Mary MacDonald likes to go all out with her pillows:

Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

Colour designer Maria Killam likes a jazz of fresh orange plus green prints and white Euros:

Source: via Maria on Pinterest

Kelly Wearstler goes for one long round neckroll-type back pillow with a single breakfast pillow in front:

Source: via Ellen on Pinterest

Ralph Lauren is one of the few decorators doing shams with big ruffles right now:

Source: via Ellen on Pinterest

Keith Langham designed this fancy bed, with white embroidered pillows,

all matching but in different sizes:

Source: via Ellen on Pinterest

What is your preference? Do you have a favorite look?