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High/low Great Lamps

One of my favorite recent projects has been helping my young adult daughter with her very first apartment.

I am loving these Chris-Spitz look-alikes from Overstock:


Can you tell which, above, is the

Christopher Spitzmiller Aurora Double Gourd Marbleized Lamp
$2,665.00 (EACH!!!)

and which is from ($144.99 per pair)?




Are lamps out of style?

Judging by the last few issues of the design magazines I regularly read, the answer would be yes. There are certainly a very few table lamps in sight.

But, get real!

Overhead-only  lighting –especially when viewed at night — is one of the real decorating “don’ts.”  Fortunately, beautiful lamps and sconces are readily available at a variety of price points.

And, if I have any magazine editors reading today, please give us a little more real life and a little less photographic perfection.

A perfect fire-lit room, gorgeous upholstery and carpet, beautiful drapery and … lamps, just a few pot-lights on the ceiling?

Here is a room properly lighted, see how there is lamp or sconce lighting on each side of the room? So pretty and warm.

Source: via Ellen on Pinterest

Out of the current pictures on the living room page of the House Beautiful website, look at all these living rooms with few or no lamps:

Source: via Ellen on Pinterest

Dear Editors: Please show us rooms which are both beautiful AND properly lighted!

Beautiful lamps

As a color expert, sometimes what is perceived to be a paint issue turns out to be a lighting issue. When possible, I like to have  light available in each corner of a room. There is nothing like a nice lamp with the correct shade to enhance everything else about the room, and to cast a warm glow which makes moods, complexions, and everything about the room look right. My personal favorite style of lampshade is an English silk pleated shade which has a tonal stripe look when lighted.

Source: via Ellen on Pinterest

Sometimes you can break the rules and have a fabulous space. Look here, I can’t really explain why this works, but it does. It looks like the designer did a great job with using  a lot of pinky-beige undertones in the carpet and wall-covering, which really ramp up and enhance the clean strong purples. Great floor lamp! (the smaller lamp  doesn’t work, though, it’s way too small and looks like an afterthought)

Source: via Ellen on Pinterest

Sometimes an odd-ball lamp is just perfect for a culture-specific space

Source: via Ellen on Pinterest

Lovely statement lamp in a neutral room

Source: via Ellen on Pinterest

Nice updated lamps for a young collector’s look

Source: via Ellen on Pinterest

Great lamp, but this is one where I would recommend upgrading the shade

Source: via Ellen on Pinterest

Great style in a pretty Chinoiserie room. Wouldn’t change a thing.

Nice looking vintage orange lamps with black pagoda silk shades

Source: via Ellen on Pinterest

How fab are these for a beach house? They make the room.

Source: via Ellen on Pinterest

Happy decorating!