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Are lamps out of style?

Judging by the last few issues of the design magazines I regularly read, the answer would be yes. There are certainly a very few table lamps in sight.

But, get real!

Overhead-only ¬†lighting –especially when viewed at night — is one of the real decorating “don’ts.” ¬†Fortunately, beautiful lamps and sconces are readily available at a variety of price points.

And, if I have any magazine editors reading today, please give us a little more real life and a little less photographic perfection.

A perfect fire-lit room, gorgeous upholstery and carpet, beautiful drapery and … lamps, just a few pot-lights on the ceiling?

Here is a room properly lighted, see how there is lamp or sconce lighting on each side of the room? So pretty and warm.

Source: via Ellen on Pinterest

Out of the current pictures on the living room page of the House Beautiful website, look at all these living rooms with few or no lamps:

Source: via Ellen on Pinterest

Dear Editors: Please show us rooms which are both beautiful AND properly lighted!