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They never sit here together

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No, the couple have never sat together, here.

Not even once, well, maybe just that one time when they first arrived.

But, so what?

A pair of comfy chairs looks dynamite in the master bedroom.

What a nice secondary focal point to the bed.

It is nice to have a place to sit in the bedroom (besides the bed).

The perfect place to toss a robe before climbing into bed.

Comfortable enough for her five-minute morning check-in conversation with her best friend.

He likes to put his socks on here.

And, the teenage daughter always perches here, on the edge, just so,

to tell them that she is back by curfew.

A pair of chairs in the master.

Do you have room in yours for this wonderful style vignette?

Have you Punted your Master Bedroom?

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Excuse the football terminology, but I think it is apt.Your Master Bedroom is Worthy. Don’t punt it.Worthy of attention to detail, attention to scale, and attention to making it a beautiful space.

Of all the spaces in your home, the one place that usually gets shortest shrift is the Master Bedroom.

If you have been ignoring your Master in favor of other, more public rooms in your house,

why not give this some thought.

Why not give yourself permission to attend to the most private space in your home?

Your bedroom should be the  inner sanctum to which you can retreat at the end of a busy day.

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It should be a place of refuge and relaxation.

And you should have a bed that is reasonably new and utterly comfortable.

If you are sleeping on a mattress you bought 15 years ago (or more), let me suggest that you start putting your personal comfort on your

priority list, at least somewhere.

You are probably not even getting a good night’s sleep. Have you admitted this to yourself?

When you have children,  jobs, many commitments, the Master Bedroom can easily get lost in the shuffle.

Make it a priority.  Next post, some tips on getting started!




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Use These Six S’s to Jazz up your Bedroom

#1  The Show-Stopper

The bed.

First, I assess the actual placement of the bed. If possible, the bed should be the first thing you see when you come into

the bedroom. It should be the focal point. It should provide the visual wow factor. This is always an investment.

Bed Design by Ellen Rhett, Image ©Color Calling


Use pairings to create symmetry, which keeps the eye rested. Then add a few unusual pieces and accessories to keep the eye interested!

I like to create symmetry by using matching lamps on the tables to each side of the bed.

I sometimes specify matching bedside tables, but we want to avoid the dark, dated “bedroom suite” look.

It is important that the matching lamps are on the same plane, in other words, that one is not higher than the other.

This can be easily accomplished by resting the lamp base on a coffee table book or a decorative box, below.

Think a pair of smallish upholstered lounge chairs, with at least one ottoman if there is space, for further symmetry.

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Another tip: Never, never, never place a leather chair in a traditional master bedroom.

It is not the right element and will look cheesy, unless it it done like this, in a darker bedroom with a clearly funky/masculine vibe:


Don’t overload your wall space with furniture. This is the room that should be your sanctuary from your busy life.

It will be a much more restful place without huge pieces of hulking furniture.

If possible, use closet shelving for storage rather than big chests-of-drawers. If you must use large furniture, consider lighter colors to keep

from overwhelming the space.

Resist the urge to put a television in your master. Remember, you are creating a space apart from the real world!


Scour decorating magazines and find your style. A good design person can help you bring your vision to life. She can also help you decide which of your existing pieces of art or furniture can be used again, and where to allocate your budget for maximum impact.


Soften hard edges. Place a bench at the end of the bed. Think of ways to add soft furnishings to the bedroom.

Use a gorgeous vintage chandelier, and put the switch on a dimmer for soft, romantic lighting.

Design by Ellen Rhett, Image ©Color Calling

Add a cashmere or other luxury throw somewhere in the room. Add a chaise and then use it for reading / napping!


Invest in the finest mattress and sheets you can afford.

I love Tempurpedic and would recommend it to anyone. (full disclosure: I am not getting anything for saying that, I truly believe in the product).

I love luxury linens and I make sure they are ironed each week.  Nothing is more heavenly!

Enjoy your retreat from the outside world. Make it beautiful and make it your own. You can’t afford to make mistakes, so invest in professional advice to

stay on track!

These are my “S” tips for creating a master bedroom that you will love. What do you think? Is this advice you can live with?