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Your front door is speaking

According to the latest research, a first impression is formed in 1/10th of a second.  Make the first impression of your entryway a good one.

Source: via Ellen on Pinterest

The stunningly beautiful entryway above, which belongs to my fellow True Colour Expert Andrea Brooks of Arkansas, speaks to guests long before they arrive at the stoop. Any guesses as to what it is saying? This has to be one of the prettiest front doors I have ever seen. Welcome, how do you do, and please come in, is what it is saying. Wouldn’t it be exciting to walk up to this beauty and ring the bell?

And, speaking of bells, if you have a doorbell, does it work? Do you have your door freshly re-painted or re-varnished every two or three years? Or do the dogs’ claw marks and muddy run-off rule the day?

When is the last time you or whoever helps you trotted out the metal polish and worked on the door hardware? Are your stoop and steps swept regularly, and power-washed occasionally? Do you have your windows professionally cleaned at least every one to two years?

Is your door mat (think simple, natural material, and with a size relating to the actual front door frontage)  in reasonable shape?

If you have planters and pots nestled close by, do they look of high quality and are they tended?  The easiest gardener’s formula for a pretty planter: use a thriller, a filler, and a spiller.

In  less than 30 minutes a week, and an annual call to the painter or the pressure-washer, your entryway will make a good impression. It will tell me that you are glad I’m here, even if you are not at home!

One response

  1. Andrea tells me that the color listed in At Home Arkansas Magazine for the door (Sherwin Williams Oceanside) is incorrect. The actual color is SW Peacock Blue.

    April 1, 2012 at 7:16 pm

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