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Bronze sculpture by Jane DeDecker

A recent post spoke of focal points. Have you considered a beautiful bronze sculpture as your focal point? Yes, the price point is high. But, a museum-quality bronze is forever. It is timeless. And, Jane DeDecker is one of the best. Can’t you see this resting on the corner of a Carrara marble tub surround?

Can you stand the darling daddy, below, tying his baby’s shoe? And, the baby just in awe. Priceless.

Source: via Ellen on Pinterest

The above Jane DeDecker sculpture is a gift of a couple in Des Moines, Iowa, in memory of their son, Christopher, who was a victim of juvenile diabetes. Apparently, their dog clearly mourned the loss of his human companion so that the parents were moved to donate this sculpture to the City. What a beautiful and heartfelt (and heartbreaking) tribute to boy and dog.

My friend, Master’s of Art holder Holly S., introduced me to the sculpture of Jane DeDecker 11 years ago. I have been captivated ever since. I am the proud owner of two of her works, “Tippy-Toes,” which reminds me of my dancing daughter,

Source: via Ellen on Pinterest

and an almost-sleeping dog bronze called “Ol’ Faithful” (which looks just like my ‘Pepper’, prone to one floppy ear)

Source: via Ellen on Pinterest

                                                             Image ©Color Calling, Pepper.

I first saw the above life-size sculpture on Nantucket. Stunning.

And, please tell me you have never seen anything cuter than this little snow elf:

Another stunner:

DeDecker is a master. Save. Save some more. You will love forever.

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