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Colors of Nature

Spring cherry

Yoshino cherry tree

Yoshino cherry tree

Still waiting for spring. It is still very cool and rainy here in Alabama.

I have a trio of Yoshino cherry trees in front of my house.

They are at peak, but need a little sunshine to set them off.

A Viburnum is just behind the pictured cherry.


Its lime-colored globes (which will later turn white)

are gorgeous in back of the pastel pink cherry.

The spring colors of nature.


Is Green the Perfect Color?

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With Green so often used in Christmas decorating

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and since Pantone just announced its 2013 Color of the Year

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Let’s talk about the color green.
Here are the primary colors on a color wheel–  red, blue and yellow:

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The color green is sometimes called the fourth primary color.

This is not true, because primary colors can’t be made by mixing any other colors together.

Green is not a primary color because it is made by mixing blue and yellow.

However, I think this refers to its versatility in décor, as it is the one and only color

that has some shade of it which will go beautifully with every other color.

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Janice Lindsay refers to greens as “the chromatic peacekeepers, getting along with any color.”

Green is actually categorized as a secondary for color (as in paint, with the three  primaries being red, blue and yellow),

but a primary for light (speaking in terms of wavelength, with red and blue being

the other two).

[credit: Janice Lindsay, All about Colour]

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When you think of nature, our Creator, the perfect colorist, gave every possible flower color an equally perfect leaf color!


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When you draw greens from nature’s palette, the way colors are found naturally,

it is hard to go wrong!

Green, it really is the perfect color.

Glory Maple

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Image ©Color Callng

Image ©Color Calling

Image ©Color Calling