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How do you determine exterior light size?

We all know curb appeal is important. When I do exterior color consultations, I always look at the big picture.

Many times, I will recommend that my homeowner consider upgrading the main doorway light fixture(s).  

Think about it, your home is being most often viewed from street distance.  Make sure your light fixture is proper size.

A good rule of thumb is that your exterior light should be 1/4 the measurement of the height of your door.  
So, if your front door measures 8 feet in height,  you need to look at light fixtures around 2 feet high (8 divided by 4), or around 24″.  
Don’t try to judge the correct size on your own.  You will invariably undersize the light!

Now that your eye has been shown a good proportion, take a look at the following lighting scheme:

Don’t you prefer the 4:1 ratio of door to light? Doesn’t the above lighting scheme look dinky now that I am pointing this out?

The house below is a tad busy, but the main front door lighting has nice proportions. By the way, better to be a bit big than too little:

What about this one?

If you said too small, I agree. (I am not loving the huge sidelight to the right of the door, which would be the correct place to  have a light).

What about this?

Did this visual exercise help you determine the correct size for your lighting? Does your own exterior lighting have enough presence?

Do you agree with my proper proportions guideline?