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Don’t make an expensive mistake


Image ©Color Calling

When I first started my color consulting and residential styling business, my very first client (who kindly allowed me to photograph her living room for the blog) was a dear friend who has a very pretty house. She wanted me to help her change her living room draperies. Because of my color training, I could see the problem. Though a little old, the draperies themselves weren’t bad (though I do like my draperies to “kiss” the floor when doing a new installation.)  The problem was, other than to the walls themselves, that the color of the draperies wasn’t really relating to anything else in the room.

So, we went shopping around in her own house, because she has really beautiful things. I suggested that a large gorgeous painting hanging in another room  would be perfect in the living room. We removed a lovely mirror from over the mantel and moved it over a console on the same wall. If you have been reading this blog, you know how I feel about mirrors over a mantel. But, I digress. The main color (golden yellow) in the painting allowed us to repeat the drapery color again.

Image ©Color Calling

Then, all that was necessary was a little rearranging, and one simple but expert reupholstery job which repeated the color yet again. (I usually like to repeat a color three or more times.) The chair, before, is on the left, and remember, white is NOT a neutral. The chair, after, is on the right. The jewel tone silk with plenty of gold in the velvet stripe (middle photo) is just the pop of color that was needed to bring the room to life. The second of the pair of chairs is just out of camera range, but can be seen in the final shot.

Chair with new upholstery

Now, the draperies don’t stand out, because the color of the drapery is repeated several times. They are in harmony with the rest of the room. Have you priced custom floor length draperies lately? This one decision saved a very expensive change from being made.

Images above ©Color Calling

I have seen it happen over and over and over: the thing that you think is wrong with your room may not be the thing we end up changing!

Always call a trusted design professional when you think you want to make a change. She may just  help you avoid what might be a very expensive mistake.

2 responses

  1. Often, that pop of color clients have which is repeated without their awareness is the color I choose for their frontdoor. And they think I’m a genius.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

    May 2, 2012 at 9:20 am

    • That is only because you are a genius, Tara, you are a very talented lady! And, we did paint the front door (though not pink), added pair of large black iron footed urns to flank it (on plinths, thank you very much). You would approve. Thank you for the visit and comment.

      May 2, 2012 at 9:40 am

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