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One chandelier or two?

If you have noticed that many shelter magazines are showing not one, but two,

chandeliers over a dining-room table, you are picking up on something.

And, that something is a trend.

Not just a trend, but a trendy-trend.

For a classic, timeless, look, stick with a single chandelier over your dining room table.

Save the pair for a long hall .

Trust me on this one.

This is a trend, it will not last, and in five years it  will announce:

“I decorated my dining room in 2013.”

Save the two chandelier/two lantern look for something like the above.

That is a timeless look that never goes out of style.

Color Calling

What’s the best color for a workout room?

Contemporary Home Gym design by Vancouver Design-build Capstone Dwellings, Design-Build

I am often asked, What is the best color for my ______ room? What do I say?

So what is the best color for a workout room?

Here is a hint: NOT BORING BEIGE!

Think about it: you are stimulating your heart, and your other muscles when

you work out. Why not give yourself something pleasing to stimulate the eye as

well. I like to recommend that we start with your favorite color, and go from


Anything that pleases your eye will help encourage you to go in and really use your work-out room.

Many work-out rooms (home gyms) are in low-natural-light areas, such as a

basement, anyway.

Beige is probably the worst possible color for a low-light area.

Contrary to anything you may have been told about keeping low-light areas light

in color, “A light color will never come to life in a dark room.” (wise words from Maria Killam).

Beige just looks dingy when there is little or no natural light.
So, which room would you rather exercise in, one that looks like these two, below:

Contemporary Home Gym design by Seattle Interior DesignerShannon Diana Lynn, Klang NorthWest
Or this one, (to me, about as interesting as watching paint dry!):

HERE are some dedicated home exercise rooms in a variety of colors to give you some inspiration.

Cool gray walls and persimmon flooring.

Muted green walls with bright blue accents.

Gray walls AND ceilings with silver accents.

Happy yellow walls with an accent rug in charcoal gray.

Contemporary Home Gym design by Seattle Interior DesignerShannon Diana Lynn, Klang NorthWest

Acid green.

A more Spa-like green.

Blue with pale-pink oak flooring.
Wider shot of same room above.
Butterscotch with black accents.

A cleaner yellow combined with greens and taupes, bamboo flooring.


Source: via Katie on Pinterest

Aonther bold, fun choice, terracotta red (tip: don’t ever paint out a ceiling like this).

Mustard with walnut flooring.

And another look at my favorite,  Yankee blue with zippy striped carpet.

So, don’t settle for boring beige. The workout room should be anything but boring-looking. Paint it a color (or a color family) that you absolutely love!