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Master Bath inspiration


I like the quiet elegance of this master bath.

There is a look and feel of quality. Not overdone.

Keeping it Simple in the Master Bath

Color harmony.  A simple concept.

Made easier with an understanding of undertones.

Now, I don’t mean plain or too matching.

And I certainly don’t mean boring.

As a color specialist, it means selecting the right color.

For example, today, with my large samples, I selected a gorgeous white paint color

for a friend’s Carrara marble bath.

If you have been reading this blog, you know about my large samples, right? 

Here are my inspiration photos.

Source: via Ellen on Pinterest

Source: via Ellen on Pinterest

Source: via Buffi on Pinterest

Sometimes the right color is white.

So, when you have Carrara marble, for instance,

don’t be afraid to go with white walls.

There are several whites that really sing with Carrara.

An all white bath.

A very simple concept, which will always be timeless.

Beautiful. Not boring.

I am humming to myself just thinking about this project.

If she agrees to photos, I’ll post before and afters.

Avoiding Your Master Bath Wish-List

Source: via Ragan on Pinterest

Source: via P on Pinterest

A few months ago, I posted about a popular current look in master baths: Free Standing Tubs

Yes, claw foot tubs have been around since the early 1880s.  But, you know what I mean.

The new ones with no feet. The ones which sit plop on the floor.

With very fancy, very expensive plumbing hardware, usually located at the center back.

When I see more and more and more of this look appearing in magazines and design blogs,

I know that my residential clients are going to be talking about the same in their own baths.

Remember when we talked about how a good design professional

can keep you from making an expensive mistake?

Let’s talk about some potential pitfalls which might look wonderful, but would go into that category:

An expensive mistake.

Are any of these master bath trends on your wish list?  Stay with me.

For starters: do you notice how far you are going to have to reach across these new tubs

to access some of the plumbing hardware you are seeing everywhere?

Some of the hardware is so far back that you will actually have to step into the tub to reach it!

Or, walk around to the back of the tub to access.

Do you see all the problems with bathing here? Yes, it appears very sleek and modern. But, look.

You’ll have to GET UP out of the tub to reach the spigots if you want to add more warm water.

You will probably get soap and water all over the painted SheetRock spigot wall if you do.

And that sink-sized wall spout is way too small for quick filling,

It would probably take an hour to fill that huge tub!

I am putting this notion of hard-to-reach plumbing hardware in the same category as these other

they-look-great-but-they-are-impractical master bath ideas:

1) full-length draperies (they will be just unsightly from water damage)

2) no window treatment in the bathroom (surely no explanation needed)

3) vessel sinks in a master bathroom (though I don’t mind them at times for light duty places)

with vessel sinks a) there is a huge splash-factor

b) they are not a comfortable height for hand washing, since you can’t lower your hands below counter-level

This last one is not necessarily impractical, but it is downright dangerous.

4) Chandeliers like low-hanging fruit above the tub.

While pretty, I find all these ideas just completely impractical.

What about it? Do you agree with my list to avoid in a master bath?